Tips On Spending Time With Your Las Vegas Call Girl

So you have your Las Vegas call girl all booked up and now you’re just getting ready for your time with the dream girl.

So you have your Las Vegas call girl all booked up and now you’re just getting ready for your time with the dream girl. It should be fun, right? Of course it should, but here’s the thing. You can always do a little bit to make it better. Your Vegas call girl is the utmost professional and she has no problem being with you. She’s also had just about every kind of question asked from every kind of person. There are a few pitfalls you can skip over just so you avoid any odd conversations or issues such as that. So, when it comes to spending time with your Las Vegas call girl, here are a few tips to consider.

Sure, You Can Ask Your Call Girl Anything, But You’ll Be Better Off Avoiding a Few Topics of Conversation

Call girls will always be asked anything. There is always that one client who simply thinks she is a prostitute. That’s not the case. If you want a prostitute than you’ll want to head outside of town and go to one of the brothels. While what the two of you might or might not do is between the two of you, it doesn’t stop some guys from treating a girl like a $20 prostitute. Don’t. Don’t be that guy. You’ll have much more fun because she won’t be offended.

You’ll also want to avoid asking prying, personal questions. You can ask some basics to get to know her, but realistically, especially the first time you are with a girl, she isn’t going to just open up her entire life to you. She needs to keep her private life private (there are those guys who will try to hunt the girls down, so they keep this information to themselves). Maybe after a half dozen different dates as the two of you really get to know each other she will be more willing to go into this personal information, it is best to prying into personal matters unless she willingly tells you it.

You also don’t need to go into the “are you clean” questions. Las Vegas is very strict about having all girls who work in any kind of adult industry checked. A single outbreak could cause massive problems for the city itself so it stays on top of this. There is no need to ask about it.

Keep In Mind You Are Talking With A Business Woman

Don’t look at her as the old western prostitute, waiting for a cowboy to waltz in from the second floor of the town saloon. She is a business woman. And, if she’s been working in Las Vegas for a bit, she’s a very successful business woman. So treat her like a professional. Don’t try to talk down to her. Talk to her as an equal. While you might get off on talking down to her and she’ll let you in most cases (as long as it doesn’t go too far), both of you will have more fun if you are an even playing field.

With all of that in mind, keep good manners. While you’re treating her like a business woman you should also treat her like a lady. All of this will go a long way, especially if you want to see her again. Who knows, maybe it starts the beginning of a new friendship that leads to a deeper connection. This doesn’t only happen in Pretty Woman. Mutual connections happen all the time.

Always Respect Your Call Girl’s Limits

Every call girl has limits. She may lay out the ground rules before the beginning of the date (no touching certain areas, ask for certain services, ground rule double if the ball bounces over the outfield fence). Usually a call girl won’t just say it straight up as they might see it as tacky. However it comes up, make sure to respect your call girl’s limits. She’s not your slave. She’s a professional and it is best to treat her like one.

You will have a blast with your Las Vegas call girl. There really isn’t any other way to say it. However, you can always do a few things to really make sure you have the most fun possible. By following through with these little tips you’ll avoid any awkward conversations and keep everything on track. So before you head out for your time with the girl, keep these little tips in mind.