When it comes to in-room strippers, Annabelle is a petite blonde bombshell. She's such a real sweetheart!

There’s no one who knows the Vegas adult entertainment industry quite like Annabelle. This petite beauty has grown up in Nevada. Her mother was a showgirl, and her father was a bouncer at a local strip club. So, it was only natural for her to follow in her parent’s footsteps and partake in the same industry.

The blonde beauty is busty and loves to show off her curves in lacy, barely-there lingerie. She’s worked with a number of in room strippers to show them some new moves – and pick up a few moves of her own. She manages to be the center of attention everywhere that she goes.

Her vibrant personality is sure to win you over. When it comes to Las Vegas hot chicks, you can’t go wrong by meeting with Annabelle for a few hours.

Create Sexy Memories in Vegas

There’s no sense denying the fact that you want to enjoy the hottest Vegas adult entertainment that you can get your hands on. Forget about meeting girls at the bar. Forget about wasting all of your money at the local strip clubs. Annabelle has plenty to offer you – and her schedule is free enough for an overnight, too.

Girls direct to you means that Annabelle will come knocking on your hotel room door. And if you tell her in advance what you want to do for the evening, she’ll come with a bag full of goodies – lingerie, toys, and even sensual massage oil.

Annabelle is prepared for all of the fun you want to have. She will be the bubbly personality that you can talk to for hours. And, if you’re not interested in talking, she’ll come up with plenty of other things for the two of you to do.

The moment you look at this beauty, you’ll know that you’re in good hands. She’s seductive, flirty, and can keep you entertained for hours on end. As a former cheerleader, she’s got some incredible moves – and if you book enough time with her, she’ll show them off for you. Of course, if you want to do some role-playing where she’s the fresh cheerleader and you’re the teacher looking to “tutor” her, she’ll be happy to bring the necessary costume.

Vegas adult entertainment is more fun when you have a hot chick to spend time with. Annabelle loves to meet new people – and when you book today, you’ll have the chance to meet with her. She can’t wait to show you what the Vegas adult scene has to offer!